Shadow OS/390 Web Server Programming Documentation is installed as HTML pages in the sample data library distributed with the Server. You can download a desktop copy of this documentation in compressed form should you need to refer to the documentation while the Server is being customized.

Sample Transactions are also installed in the distribution libraries. These samples demonstrate some of the turnkey capabilities of the Server which allow rapid deployment of powerful, scaleable, browser-based applications.

The Server's Administration and Control applications allow you to customize and control the Server from your browser. Note that these applications may be disabled if your site wishes to allow administrative access only via the ISPF-based facility.



This sample home page is distributed with Shadow OS/390 Web Server and anchors the documentation, samples, and administraton tools installed with the Server software. As you begin to customize the Server and create your own home page, you can still access this page using the URL /neon/sampdata/homepage.htm. You may find it useful to bookmark this location for future reference.


All Shadow OS/390 Web Server™ software, documentation, samples and administration applications, except where explicitly annotated, Copyright © 1995-1999 by NEON Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.


Shadow OS/390 Web Server - Version 04.05.01