About the Sample Applications

The sample applications distributed with Shadow OS/390 Web Server illustrate some (but by no means all) of the server's web transaction programming capabilities.

The fact that you got to this page illustrates that at least one of the sample transaction rules is operating properly: the rule which routes all requests which begin with "/neon/sampdata/" to the server's sample data PDS(E) dataset.


The title bar at the top of this window contains a GIF image with hot spots you can click for navigation.

When fully configured, you can view the underlying source rule which implements the transaction. This feature is available only when the sample applications have first been configured by an authorized user.

Many of the sample require special customization before they can be executed. Special customization requirement information is available by clicking the icon in the info column.

You select a sample application for execution by clicking the hyperlink just above its description. Upon selection, each sample is executed within a separate browser window, leaving this window intact.


Various server start-up configuration parameters may affect the ability of the server to execute the individual samples. For instance, IMS transaction samples require that the IMS-related start-up parameters be set. DB2 samples require that DB2 support be configured and that the IBM sample database, Q.STAFF, be present on the system.

These types of configuration options must be set prior to server start-up and are described in the server's installation documentation or in the "info" column information.

The ability to view the source rules or data files which implement these sample applications is configured separately from the execution-related start-up parameters just mentioned. The source view facility may be purposely disabled on your system.

Configuration of the source view facility can be done online by authorized users.